Meet Our Team

Jame Robertson
Jame RobertsonHead Office
James is an engineer and although he tries, he really doesn’t know his organza from his tulle. That said, he’s a computer and numbers whiz so he is an essential team member when it comes to running a smooth ship.

James has been part of the team from the beginning and although he’s never tried on any of our products, he’s a sticker for detail and is always focused on delivering value to our customers.

To contact James, email: [email protected]

Simone Gale
Simone GaleHead Office
Simone founded Christobelle’s in 2013 after noticing the exorbitant prices her friends and sisters were paying for gowns at bricks and mortar stores.

“My mission is simple – I want to help kiwi girls get top quality designer gowns for less. The fact is we’re being overcharged because there is not enough competition in the industry but Christobelle’s is going to change all that” – Simone

To contact Simone please email: [email protected]