10 Tips For A Stress free Shopping Experience

Shopping for your dream wedding dress should be fun and a memory you, your mum and your girlfriends will cherish. But it can become very stressful if you don’t get the basics down. Here are our top 10 tips to make your Christobelle’s visit one of the most memorable experience of your life..

  1. Set Your Budget
    First of all, it is crucial to understand, plan and stick to your budget. Your budget must include not only your wedding dress, but also alterations, shoes, accessories and bridesmaids dresses. Who wants to walk the aisle bare feet? If you don’t know where to start, a good rule of thumb is to set aside a minimum of $1500 for your dress and $500 for the extras. That said, if you’re looking for a lower cost option, consider a bridesmaids dress in Ivory with a bridal belt for a bit of sparkle. You can create a bespoke look for $500!
  1. Book in Advance
    Most bridal boutiques require minimum of 6 months for any customized dress. We can get a rush order to you within 8 weeks, but it costs extra and is stressful! Plus don’t forget you’ll need to add a couple of weeks minimum for fitting and alteration appointments with your local seamstress.
    During our busy seasons, like November – March, it is highly recommended to book an appointment ahead of time. This way you can come on the day that is most suited for your busy bride-to-be schedule and can do as many changes as you wish! Our events often book out, so be sure to plan ahead with your booking too!
  1. Do your Homework
    Start your search for a wedding dress online  and start pulling together ideas and shaping the feel of your special day. If you’re anything like us, you’ll already have a secret wedding Pinterest board anyway, but embrace it full hog. This is where the fun begins and when you start to style your unique day and individual look.
  1. Be Open-minded
    After your research you may find yourself falling in love with a particular style. Be sure to bring it along to your consultation so we can use it as a starting point but do keep in mind that a picture in a magazine is not you and the dress might not be as flattering for your body type. Don’t get discouraged though, there are thousands of dresses to choose from, just be open-minded and let your Christobelle’s stylist guide you through some different style options. Sometimes the style that you don’t like on the hanger may be the best for your body type and look a million bucks on so be prepared to try dresses in all different shapes.
  1. Don’t be a Slave to Fashion
    You are unique, and our goal is to find something that looks good on you and makes you feel beautiful. It doesn’t really matter what the models from the runway shows a re wearing. We want you to feel glorious in your wedding dress, once you get that feeling – you’ve hit the jackpot, it is the one!

  1. Invite Your Nearest and Dearest
    Be sure to invite your family and friends to our Christobelle’s wedding dress consultation. It is an amazing experience for everyone, and something to remember for the rest of your life. We recommend bringing no more than 4 people (otherwise you may get overwhelmed with opinions) and make sure they know what look you’re trying to achieve on the day and support your vision.
  1. Consult Your Fiance
    Now, don’t get us wrong, we think its great fun to keep the dress a surprise and see him well up with tears when you walk down the aisle. But there’s no harm asking them in advance what they imagine for the big day. Everyone has a different vision for their wedding day and you want to make sure your partner shares yours. Your partner might not care about fashion trends and may prefer more traditional look for the ceremony and a cute and sexy number for the after-party!
  1. Lights! Cameras! Go!
    Take as many pictures as you can during the consultation. Use every possible angle in order to make sure the dress flatters you in front, back, and all other sides. It really helps to look at a picture of yourself when making the final decision between your two favorite at the end of the consultation.

    We also suggest coming to your appointment with your makeup and hair done.s This will help you picture the entire look for your wedding day and stop you from feeling too weird when you put on one of our fabulous gowns – let’s be honest, it;s not often you don a white gown these days!

  1. Do Some Squats
    Don’t forget to move in your dress –  sit, walk and even dance. Your dress must not only look beautiful but also be very comfortable. We kiwi girls love to tuck into dinner and kick up our heels and dance the night away. So try to avoid heavy dresses and remember you have to wear it the whole day!
  1. Don’t be Afraid to Shout “It’s The One”
    When you met your partner – you just knew it was meant to be. Ans it’s the same with your dress. You will fall in love all over again and when you find it, don’t let it go. Whether it’s the first dress you try on or the 100th, trust yourself and your instinct  After all it is your day and it is all about you, so you should wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful.