We have plenty of shoes (heels and flats) and undergarments for you to use when you try on gowns so you don’t need to bring anything along. Of course if you have something a little sentimental like your mum’s brooch or nana’s pearls  then definitely bring them along so we can tie the whole look together.

Whilst spray tans make us all look amazing please don’t get one right before you come to visit us, more of your tan will end up on our samples than staying on you…. However do put a little bit of makeup on and do your hair in the way you think you’ll wear it on the big day – that way you can visualize how you’ll look on your big day.

Most of all we ask you to bring an open mind – especially if you are trying on gowns for the 1st time. You never know hat suits you until you start trying, so go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

Also don’t be nervous, trying on gowns isn’t as hard as it may seem – we are here to help you! We promise you will have tonnes of fun!

One last thing – don’t be scared if you fall in love with a gown. Just like your fiance – when you find the one, you’ll know!