Finding Your Dream Dress

Yah your  engaged! Your engagement is such a fun time, there’s so many lovely treats in store for you and shopping or your dress is just one of them. But where to start?  Here’s  our  top  tips to  help  you  on  your   way to finding your dream dress.


Do  some  research  for  inspiration and begin to pull together your unique wedding style

  • Look  at  websites  like  Pinterest  or  The  Knot and start your own secret boards to show your stylist at your consultation.
  • Buy a couple of Bridal magazines  – digital or hardcopy. Or even more fun grab a couple of second hand ones to inspire an vintage vibe.

Envision Your Wedding

Before  you  set  out  to  try  on  some  gowns spend a Sunday afternoon enjoying a glass of wine and a daydream. Try to envision  what you want wedding  day  to be like, how will you feel and how will your fiance feel? What will your  dress  look like and what do you want your guests to remember?   Jot  down  a  list  of  words  to  describe  not  only  the  dress  of  your  dreams   but  also  your  dream  wedding….  

Don’t  worry  about  the  bridal  lingo,  your  bridal  consultant  is  here  to  help   you  put  your  dreams  into  reality.  We just want to understand your vision.

Consider the Dress Silhouettes 

There  are  5  main dress  silhouettes and they all have unique construction elements that work for different body types. It’s worth having a look at what’s in your closet already to see what silhouettes you usually buy and then check out the list below and have a think about what might work best for your shape and your wedding style.

  • Ball  gown  –  have  very  full  skirts  and  look  beautiful  on  any  body  type.  For  petite brides  –   bear  in  mind  the  volume  of  fabric  with  a  ball  gown  can  be  quite  overwhelming  on  your  small   frame so go for a lighter fabric like organza rather than satin.     
  • A-line –  these gowns have  a  fitted  bodice  with  a  skirt  that  gently  flares  from  the  natural  waistline   forming  an  ‘A’  shape.  A line dresses are very  flattering  on  all  body  type and are by far the most popular dress silhouette. Modified  A  lines  have a dropped  waist  line  and the  skirt  flares  from  just  on  the  hip  line – there are very flattering too and work well with a corset lace p to give you an enviable flat tummy.     
  • Sheath  –  a great gown for a slim girls with a balanced  figure.  If  you  are  self  conscious  about   your  figure  this  style  is  not  the  best  for  you as this gown  will  not  hide  any  flaws.  But if you’ve got a sleek line and like a simple style this is a great choice!
  • Empire  –  think Pride and Prejudice. This silhouette has  a  skirt  that  falls  from just  below  the  bust  line and is excellent  for  fuller   figured  brides  and  pregnant  brides.  It  gives  extra  room  through  the  waistline  making  it  a   very  comfortable  gown. 
  • Fit  ‘n’  Flare  –  the perfect style for if you want  to  show  off  your  curves! The Fit ‘n’ Flare is  fitted all the way to mid-thigh  and gently  flares  to the  floor.  A  true  mermaid  style  flares  from  the  knee  quite  dramatically.   These are glamorous dresses, ideal for brides wanting to make a statement.


Your Bridal Consultation

  • Don’t  be  nervous , its  not  as  scary  as  it  seems. Your  consultant will help  you  find  the silhouette  that  suits  you  best  and  also  if  white  or  ivory  is  the  colour   for  you. 
  • Be  open  minded  –  gowns  look  totally  different  off  the  hanger so don’t be afraid to give different styles a go.
  • Don’t  be scared  if  you  fall  in  love  with  a  dress  on  your  1st  appointment.  Believe  it  or  not  a  lot  of  brides  purchase  the  very  first wedding  gown  they  put   on and over half buy in their first appointment.
  • If  you  feel  beautiful  in  a  dress  –  then  buy  it!  No  matter  what  the  style   of  wedding  you  are  having  or  how  long  before  your  wedding  –  if  you  feel   beautiful  in  it  you  will  be  glowing  on  the  day.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to try on 10 or even 20 dresses to find the perfect one. Trust us – you’ll only get more confused. Trust your instincts and Say Yes to The Dress!